“Unity, Struggle, Pragmatism, Innovation” is our spirit.

“Unity” is our power source as well as the foundation for our victory and success, which includes the unity among leader groups, the unity between the superior and subordinate, the unity among all the departments as well as concerted efforts between cadres and masses, employee cooperation, etc.


“Struggle” is the spirit of daring to break through and act, working selflessly, keeping forging ahead doggedly and making constant development.

Establishing the philosophy of “People-oriented Management”, cultivating and creating “Expert” talents by taking quality-oriented education as the breakthrough and comprehensively improving the overall quality of the staff are the foundation for our cultural construction. Over the past several years, Huayue has cultivated more than one hundred professional technical and management talents of various kinds for the enterprise in the forms of association between factories and colleges, commissioned training, introduction, etc.


"Innovation"is the spiritual courage of striving for the best and daring to be the first, as well as our power source and benefit basis

Creating wealth for the society, creating value for the staff and modeling common values of the enterprise are the core of our cultural construction. Consensus is decisions and actions of the enterprise, which has universal meaning and can win common responses of all the staff, forming the values of struggling unitedly and jointly. The most remarkable point of our consensus values is that both leaders and general staff agree with “Development is the absolute principle; the only way to win popularity is development” and constantly strive to practice this sentence with our own practical actions.